My artwork reflects the simultaneous elation and emotional erosion that coalesced into my experience of motherhood. The Modena (the archetypal perfect parent) is juxtaposed with contemporary mommy blogs and social pressures as I authentically address the exhausted in-the-trenches realties of parenting.

Throughout the work small multiples and intimate moments are combined to create larger works. From porcelain Modena figurines to slip cast breast pumps, this gathering of maternal artifacts parallels the repetition of domestic tasks and evokes memories of the women who came before. The imperfect mothers, spread too thin, but still working to create a happy home. In tribute to them, I transform the gallery and connect my work with red threads, the blood line that connects mother to child. These threads become simplified quilt patterns and reference traditionally female artistry and domestic customs. They serve as a poignant backdrop to my contemporary explorations and are delicate, like faded wall paper or a whisper of the past. This simplification was inspired by my children’s use of guileless crayon lines to represent big ideas. Other examples include a steel frame representing a house and simplified floras that read as organic, but allow room for interpretation.

My work is hopeful but also painfully honest. Home is where the heart is, but our heads are filled with the expectations of motherhood in modernity.